Scores of buyers are drawn to London's affluent districts, eager to cash in on the drop in sale prices of homes in these luxury postcodes. If you've had your eye on a gorgeous Kensington property now is the time to buy. 

You can be assured of a good buy too as these exquisite properties in upmarket neighbourhoods are being sold for as much as 11.8% less than their sale value; placing them in the same price band as properties for sale in less prestigious sections of the capital.

Recouping your investment is easy, as London has no shortage of tenants looking for quality housing in upmarket areas. Once concerns over the oil price, stamp duty and Brexit are finally put to rest, prices in these prime Central London areas are likely to rise, enabling you to sell your investment property at or above the market value.

We have some stunning properties for sale in Kensington, Knightsbridge and other chic sections of London. Do contact us to arrange viewings.