One of the key drivers of property prices in prime areas of Central and Greater London is Crossrail. This impressive rail project is leading to a steady increase in property values near the stations, in anticipation of a greatly reduced commute.

While a large number of Central London areas close to Crossrail have witnessed a jump of around 15.2%, exclusive Mayfair properties in the immediate vicinity of its stations have experienced an 82% rise in their value and a further increase in subsequent years is predicted. 

In Greater London neighbourhoods within easy reach of Crossrail, property values have risen as much as 18%. Business districts like Canary Wharf, also on the Crossrail route, are currently the focus of property developers since the reasonably priced real estate here is slated to show consistent increases until 2019. 

The growing demand for homes near stations means investors in properties on or close to the route of Crossrail are likely to reap rewards. Remember, not all areas near Crossrail show the same swift increases in housing values so do your research carefully before investing. For any help identifying investment opportunities, let us know