If you're planning to put your home on the market, be aware that today's savvy buyers look beyond a property's aesthetics to its practicality. Energy-efficient homes with excellent internet are key priorities on a potential home owner's list.

Other items on a buyer's checklist include, great central heating, modern safety features, a well maintained garden, private or off-street parking and location. 

If, however, your house doesn't have a garden or parking, or isn't conveniently situated, don't worry. You can still attract a serious buyer (and achieve an excellent price) provided your boiler is in mint condition, your home has security devices and all appliances and fixtures comply with regulations; they are in full working order and supported by up to date certifications.

A tidy, freshly painted exterior and greenery also goes a long way in making your London property stand out. For handy property selling tips or help marketing your home please give us a call.