An increasing demand for housing in London coupled with a limited supply makes now an ideal time to invest in the London property. Let's take a quick look at a few statistics. 

Since 1980, the average number of new homes built annually is around 16,000 whereas the demand is forecast at 33,400 residential units. Given London's growing population (projected 9.4 million in 2022), the demand for housing is certain to rise sharply. 

Property investments you make now are likely to yield high returns and create value in the long run. Rather than be a lone investor in a new housing development, we recommend opting for co-investment opportunities. 

London has a number of exciting and potentially lucrative regeneration projects in which established property companies are playing an active role. Our suggestion is to partner with a reputable locally based firm offering key services - property development, sales and re-sales. 

Your investment will be in safe hands, as you'll save time and money, receive a higher rate of return and interact with the same team of experts for all your property requirements. 

It is vital to take the time required to choose the right project for you. Let us know if you need advice. At Strawberry Star we have a dedicated team available to help.