As developers and purveyors of some supremely luxurious London properties Strawberry Star we know what constitutes a successful interior design and this list of Britain's most influential designers sums it up perfectly. 

Our landmark development across the river from Chelsea, Sky Gardens is a classic example of interior design that utilises this eclectic mix of influences for a harmonious effect. Designed by the award-winning Yoo team, apartments at Sky Gardens reference the muted colour palette favoured by frequent Yoo collaborator (and number four on the list) Kelly Hoppen, against sumptuous textures such as marble and silk. For international buyers demanding that indefinable sense of British luxury without compromising on functionality, the sleek, discreet fittings incorporated into the design plan are a deal clincher. 

Santhosh Gowda, Chairman, Strawberry Star Group, says, "With the addition of the wonderful Gillespies designed communal gardens outside, Sky Gardens really captures the essence of elegant, modern British design.”

For the fabulous sheer blue, the inclusion of David Collins’ Blue Bar at the Berkeley  - accompanied by a Blue Picasso cocktail -  deserves a recommendation from us too!