Actress Gillian Anderson is selling her 6 bedroom Georgian property in Clerkenwell. This is the latest of 13 global purchases by the The X-Files’ leading lady, originally intended as family homes only to be sold once refurbishment is complete. 

Photos of this East London mid-terrace leave us in no doubt as to the impeccability of Anderson’s taste. Even if this were not so, the value the celebrity effect can add to the price of a property, must help secure the £4 million sale price she is asking. Then again, the cushioning effect of a Hollywood salary may be a comfort when faced with the vagaries of the property market. 

If, however, you’re not an A-list celebrity, what can you do to guarantee a return on your property investment? As property developers, who also happen to fund property developments and market properties on their behalf, Strawberry Star are ideally placed to answer this question. 

Strawberry Star is currently investing in various projects in The Royal Docks. “We used our network of intelligence to identify this location as ripe for development,” says Santhosh Gowda, Strawberry Star Group. “Travel links are becoming vastly improved with increased flights from City Airport and a new Thames crossing. Key employers are moving into the area and the Greater London Authority has targeted it as a prime neighbourhood for regeneration. Whether you’re a first-time or a “big-time” property developer, correctly earmarking an up and coming area is vital for your investment.”

If you're looking to redevelop an existing property, buy wisely - this will count towards your end profit. Always have finance in place to fund your development and when viewing any potential buy to sell investment property, take into account structural issues, neighbours, and above all, the market you’re trying to reach. Never lose sight of that market, or your budget; it’s all too easy to choose high-spec fittings in the mistaken pursuit of your dream home when the original intention was to furnish a functional property for first time buyers. 

If you don’t have a lucrative sideline in tracking down fictional aliens, this can be the disappointing reality that comes from making a loss.