In the UK, tenants who feel landlords are not providing a reasonably high standard of accommodation as outlined in their tenancy agreement have a legal right to file an official complaint against the erring landlord.

If you're a tenant at the receiving end of unfair treatment, have a chat with your landlord about the property-related issues you're facing and agree upon a reasonable time frame for resolution. At the end of this, if your problems haven't been rectified, its time to take a firmer stand.

Check if your landlord operates an official complaints procedure (social landlords are required to and several private landlords have opted to). If yes, utilise this to make your voice heard and if this proves unfruitful, seek ombudsman support. 

Should your private landlord not be answerable to a complaints procedure, send him or her a formal complaint letter highlighting your concerns clearly. This should hopefully have the desired effect.

Your last step is to seek advice from housing officers in your local council as they have the legal authority to prosecute landlords. The Tenancy Relations Office and Environmental Health Department are other avenues you could use and the court, usually the last resort.

By now, if you're a property developer thinking of letting your property or are planning to put equity into a project you plan to hold as an investment, you must be wondering if you'll be able to earn a profit or if a costly legal wrangle with a tenant or multiple tenants will be the outcome.

In that case, you'll be glad to know help is at hand in the form of hiring property management experts to look after your buy to let property. Finding suitable tenants in the busy London property market can be tricky given the number rental options. So, if you need help, let us know.

Our team of professionals will do everything from arranging viewings, making sure the tenant is settled, managing all aspects of the property and when the tenant leaves, we will take care of check out formalities. This leaves you free to carry on with your busy schedule secure in the knowledge your home will be let and your tenant in good hands.