If you're considering property development in London, we recommend applying for planning permission now.  In an attempt to meet the rising demand for housing, Councils are readily granting planning applications for new build homes.

A recent study by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) and Glenigan indicates permission for a whopping 66,102 new homes granted in the first quarter of 2016.  According to Peter Andrew of HBF, we're short (by over a million homes) of the required number of residential units.

Given that so many young people are currently living with their parents due to limited housing,  it is hardly surprising that new build homes are sold as fast as they are marketed.  The low interest rates and 'Help to Buy' equity loan further serve to empower individuals (especially first time home buyers) eager to find a home of their own.

It's an ideal time to ensure your planning application is underway and your building designs are ready for implementation. For help putting together the required paperwork or design and construction advice let us know.