Despite the economic downturn, the listing of properties for sale has increased by 3.4 per cent in some of the important cities of UK in July. A latest research report indicated that the increase in number of properties being listed for sale can be attributed to the seller sentiment in recent times, as more properties are being lapped up by investors.

Durham and Hartlepool witnessed the first and second highest listings while the property supply in the capital London increased by 13.7 per cent when compared to the previous month of June (when property listings fell by 12.8 per cent). The falling prices of houses have not deterred home owners from putting up their properties for sale in all important markets in the UK. At the same time, the property owners are able to realise the full potential of their investments.

According to industry experts, the trend is likely to continue in August, as more properties will be listed for sale. It does not mean that home-owners are indulging in distress sale, as the prices are still above the average for the UK market.

This is an appropriate time to make a safe and secure investment in a property that can yield a healthy ROI in the next few years. Home-buyers, especially overseas buyers, are keen on exploring opportunities for investment in the UK property market. If you are looking for a property in London as an investment option or to double up as your home, we will assist you in identifying the most suitable one.