Have you ever been rushed into a rent agreement fearing that someone else will take up the property? If the answer is yes, then don’t worry! For, more than a quarter of tenants in the UK, especially in London, feel that they too were rushed into entering their tenancy agreement. This startling fact was revealed though a survey conducted by Ocean Finance. More than 27% of the respondents indicated that they were forced to sign the rent agreement because of the intense competition in the market and the ever increasing demand for rented accommodation.

Well, going forward, make sure that you don’t sign the rent agreement in haste or you will end up regretting later, as indicated in the survey. It is a common practice for tenants to sign the rent agreement only when they are convinced about the property. However, when working professionals are in a hurry to take up a rented property, they overlook a few basics, such as the condition of the property, quality of interiors, dampness and connectivity to the neighbourhood.

Take your time in evaluating a property and make an informed decision. It should not bother you if an estate agent is pushing you to sign the rent agreement citing pressure. Before concluding a deal, ensure that you are fully satisfied with the property by inquiring with the estate agent. The survey found out that many of the tenants regretted signing the rent agreement, as they did not go into the specifics of the property.

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