Are you planning to buy a house in the UK by going through the listings? Then, make sure that you have authentic data of the shortlisted homes before visiting the particular properties. For, a research conducted recently has revealed that 48 per cent of such listings are inaccurate. In most of the cases, the size of the bedrooms is far less than that shown in the listings.

The research conducted by SELECT Premier Insurance also found out that 36 per cent of the single bedroom properties listed is too small to be classified as bedrooms, especially for occupants aged above 10 years. Similarly, 10 per cent of double bedrooms did not have sufficient space for two occupants.

Incidentally, this kind of erroneous listing is common across all important cities of the UK. Properties listed for sale in Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham, and Bristol was found to be most inaccurate. Cities that had least inaccuracies in the listing of properties were Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The research found out that a majority of the inaccuracies in the listings were overlooked by the estate agents, something that the home-buyers should take into consideration before concluding a sale.

It is a common practice for most of the home-buyers to first check the listings and then contact the estate agent concerned. Therefore, ensure that you have made all kinds of inquiries with the agent. For property sellers too, it can be a concern, as inaccurate listing could lead to unwanted hassles at the time of property inspection or sale.