Are you having trouble with conveyancing your UK property while selling it? It is important that you employ the services of experience solicitors whenever you plan to buy or sell a property.

An experienced and efficient solicitor can enormously impact the progress of your property sale. It is imperative to engage solicitors, who specialise in conveyancing, with years of experience within this field. Many a times, the absence of a solicitor in a property deal may lead to unexpected turn of events, which you may ignore initially.

Inefficient conveyancing can add weeks, even months to the sale of your property which in turn can lead to increasing costs, loss of revenue and great inconvenience. Your solicitor should be proactive and handle most aspects of the sale, involving you only should irregularities arise or at key stages in the process such as signing contracts. The solicitor should also connect with your buyer’s solicitor to ensure that process of conveyancing is completed smoothly.

The fees of the solicitors can vary greatly – ensure you have a complete breakdown of costs before you instruct your solicitors to complete the process. Strawberry Star has years of experience working with a panel of approved conveyancing solicitors. We are happy to provide references upon request to ensure that the conveyancing of your property is hassle-free!