Renting a property carries a lot of obligations for the landlord. While private landlords will need to attend to these regularly themselves, a management agency should include such administration as part of their service should a landlord employ one.

Strawberry Star recommends a series of regulation checks that need to be carried out before renting out the property. The foremost among the checks are the electrical regulations. The property’s electrical system (including sockets and light fittings) and all appliances supplied must conform to safety requirements. A periodic assessment by a qualified professional is highly recommended.

Similarly under gas regulations, all gas equipment supplied must be safely installed and maintained by a registered Gas Safe engineer and reviewed on an annual basis. A current gas safety check report must be supplied to new tenants prior to check-in and, in the event the safety record is renewed during the tenancy, this must be presented to the tenants within 28 days of the renewal date.

Under fire safety check, all furniture must comply with current fire safety regulations and, for properties built after 1992 hard-wired mains operated smoke alarms must be present on each level of the property. Typically the tenancy agreement should stipulate that tenants are responsible for the periodic testing of alarms.

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