Are you looking for an international investor to buy your London home? Then, you should enlist the services of Strawberry Star to help you find a buyer for the right price.

We are experts in London property market, but have roots across the globe to help you find the perfect buyer for your London property. We have offices in Hong Kong and Singapore with representation in Dubai and India. This allows us to communicate with buyers on a personal level without time zone issues, language barriers or cultural differences. In addition, we have an incredible database of active, wealthy and highly-engaged buyers, who we can contact on a personal level and introduce them to your property.

This global presence is on top of our collection of standard marketing efforts, such as email and newsletter advertising and international property portal listings. We will ensure that your property will get incredible levels of global exposure with us as your estate agent.

An appropriate marketing presentation accompanied with the right sales pitch will further help you in selling the property in time. If you need more information or assistance to sell your home, please contact one of our London offices. Our property marketing professionals are ready to offer you any kind of support.