If you are planning to let your London property any time soon, then corporate tenancy could be one of the options. Not many landlords let their property for corporate tenancy for various reasons. But not many know that corporate tenancy ensures a steady income if they partner with a reputed lettings and management agency.

There are plenty of MNC firms operating out of London that are constantly looking for rented accommodation for their employees. Many of their employees are from different countries for short-term duration and they seek out basic accommodation. A long-term agreement with such companies through a reliable lettings agent will ensure that the income from rent is steady depending on the tenure.

The advantages of corporate tenancy are several – minimum wear and tear of the property as corporate tenants spent less time at home; your property is treated with respect as the companies make the employees liable for any damages caused and all utilities bills are taken care.

Strawberry Star works with a number of corporate lettings agencies that can provide constant demand from carefully qualified tenants. Rent is guaranteed from the very first day while properties are thoroughly maintained and annual rent increases are tied into contracts. We specialise in areas of high corporate demand and can help you maximise on the benefits of corporate tenancies. For more information, contact our offices in London.