Is it mandatory for a landlord to include property inspection clause in the rent contract? Though a majority of the landlords leave it to the discretion of the lettings agent, it is advisable to include this clause in the contract. It will enable the landlord to undertake an inspection of the property from time to time to ensure that everything is in order. The landlord can also satisfy himself/herself by inspecting the property.

Periodic visits to your property should be made to make sure it is being adequately cared for by the tenants. These will need to be arranged with the tenant in advance but, presuming they form part of the contract, cannot be refused by the tenant. If your property is managed by a lettings and management company, your agent will attend to the inspection visits. If there are any violations, then the agent will bring the same to the notice of the landlord.

Many a times, the landlord might not be living closer to the property. Under such circumstances, the lettings agent will be responsible for conducting periodical inspects of the property. It is important that landlord involves a lettings agent if they are not in a position to monitor their property. Strawberry Star provides end-to-end lettings and management services. For more information, contact our London offices.