As a landlord, have you prepared the inventory of your property before letting it to tenants? Not many landlords are aware of the need for preparing an inventory of the property. Your estate agent should ensure that the inventory is prepared before the property is handed over to the tenant. This will help you protect your property if there is any violation of terms by the tenant.

The inventory is a report that documents the condition of the property and all removable items supplied as part of the tenancy, as a point of reference for when the tenant moves out. Specialist companies can prepare the inventory at check-in and check-out and are usually employed by the lettings agent as part of their service. A standard practice is for the landlord and the tenant to share the costs of inventory preparation. Therefore, before your tenant moves in, you should have a thorough inventory of the property prepared.

Strawberry Star recommends the landlords to have the inventory ready as and when sought by the letting agents. The next time you intend to let your property for tenants, we can connect you with specialist companies, which will help you in preparing the inventory. Remember! It is always important to protect your property even if it takes extra efforts. For more information relating to property inventory, call our London offices.