A standard requirement these days in the UK property market is home insurance. Though it is not mandatory by law to insure your home, Strawberry Star recommends all landlords to insure the property because of the advantages it offers. There are plenty of companies that provide home insurance of different categories.

The three broad categories of home insurance are – building insurance, contents insurance and combined building & contents insurance. It is for the landlord to select the category of the insurance depending on the type of the property.

If it is a self-occupied property, then it is advisable to opt for a combination of building and contents insurance. Such insurance covers the building, walls, roofs, windows, permanent fixtures, kitchens, toilets, and select contents in the home. Inquire with leading insurance firms before finalizing the product.

If it is a buy-to-let property, then, you need to examine the insurance terms and conditions carefully. In many cases, standard buildings and contents insurance will not cover your property if it is rented out. You should check with your insurance providers and if necessary amend your policies or take new ones out. Policies specifically designed for landlords will typically include Public Liability Insurance to ensure cover against damages caused to 3rd parties on the property.

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