Landlords in the UK, especially in London, are often faced with tough situations. What should a landlord do if he/she has to deal with a troublesome tenant? It can be a tricky situation depending on how you to intend to deal with it. If the situation is not handled properly, it could lead to a potentially bigger problem.

Despite background checks and tenant vetting there is always the risk, albeit uncommon, that your tenants default on their rental payments. It is sensible to insure yourself against such eventualities and many forms of landlord insurance offer cover for this. You will ultimately have some degree of recourse via the deposit held with the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS). But in case your tenant does not pay the rent for a set period (or refuses to leave the property as mandated by housing regulations) you have the right to serve an eviction notice to such a tenant.

A set procedure must be followed to evict a tenant via legal action – rent protection insurance will usually cover the legal fees required to regain possession of your property. Make sure that your lettings or estate agent has taken care of all these aspects while executing the rent agreement. Strawberry Star offers deep insights into the UK rent market. For more information, call any of our London offices.