Often, there is confusion between landlords and tenants on who should maintain the property in case of damages? The answer is ‘both landlord and tenant’ - depending on the issue or the reason for the damages to the property.

Reasonable wear and tear to a rented property is inevitable and it is the landlord’s responsibility to bring the property back to a suitable condition for new tenants.

If damage occurs to the building or its contents as a consequence of a demonstrable lack of care on behalf of the tenant, then the tenant may be held responsible for financing the repairs or purchases necessary to restore the property to the condition in which it was originally rented.

The terms and conditions with respect to maintaining the property should be clearly mentioned in the rental agreement. Your estate agent should take care of all these aspects by ensuring that both the landlord and the tenant are aware of the same. It is also possible for the tenant and landlord to arrive at a mutually amicable solution if the same is not mentioned in the rental agreement.

Otherwise it is the landlord’s responsibility – and in their best interests – to keep the property in good structural and decorative order. For more insights into maintaining a property, consult Strawberry Star experts by calling our offices in London