In a major fillip to affordable housing in London, the City’s Mayor Sadiq Khan announced two more important sites - Landmark Court in Southwark and Fenwick South, near Clapham North station, in Lambeth – that Transport for London (TfL) will bring forth as part of the long-term plan to speed up delivery of affordable homes.

The Mayor has shown special interesting in meeting the commitments for affordable homes in London as the housing crisis seems to be never-ending. The TfL owns large tracts of land, 300 acres of which can be converted into more than 10,000 affordable homes at 75 different locations in Europe’s financial capital.

The two sides identified by the Mayor for affordable housing have the capacity to deliver new homes apart from commercial and retail space, which can offset the investments on affordable housing. The Mayor, who believes in action, is overseeing the tender for developers to develop the two sites.

The Mayor was vocal in his commitment to address the housing crisis in his statement, “A chronic lack of affordable housing in our city has undeniably led to Londoners being priced out, with rents they can’t afford and little hope of getting on the property ladder. We won’t be able to fix this problem overnight, but I am determined to lead the way by building more new and genuinely affordable homes to rent and buy.”

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