The CBI, the UK’s premier business organization, has raised concerns over the housing crisis and has suggested a paradigm shift if the government intends to build 1 million homes by 2020. “A step change is needed in mind set and delivery on housebuilding,” the CBI said in its report titled “No Place like Home.”

The fact that the CBI has identified housing crisis as one of the greatest challenges for the UK indicates the disparity in growth and prosperity. It is also of the view that the housing problem is not a social issue, but has impacted businesses as well. It has cited the unavailability of affordable homes as the major hurdle for companies to recruit and retain talented workforce. Consequently, long commutes by workers from their factories to their homes are impacting the productivity.

The CBI has placed a wish-list to overcome the housing crisis:

  • Strategic Housing Plan on housing being integrated
  • Government’s help for SME housebuilders by releasing public land and providing easier access to finance
  • Recognise the importance and improve the attractiveness of the Private Rented Sector
  • Joint collaboration between new players – construction workers, hedge funds, innovators and industry experts

The CBI’s suggestions are welcome considering the spiraling costs of housing in the UK. Strawberry Star  fully endorses the report prepared by the CBI on the housing crisis.