With the UK property market showing signs of stability post Brexit, the overseas property buyers continue to look for returns from the commercial real estate market, according to the November UK Investment Market report released by renowned commercial property consultant Cushman & Wakefield.

Though it is a fact that international investments in the real estate market are influenced by geopolitical developments, the fundamentals of London’s property market are strong. It has withstood various pressures and remains the preferred destination for investments in the property market. The fall in prices of properties and the weakened sterling have prompted several investors to increase their investment portfolio in London’s commercial property market.

“However, there is a clear appreciation among investors of the value property can bring to their portfolio and while trends will remain heavily polarised as a function of property quality, limited investment supply is typically a more telling issue in the current market than any shortage of demand,” the report said.

For long-term players able to plan beyond the current cycle, London and key regional cities are seen to offer good value, the report suggested. At the same time the interest among domestic investors in London’s commercial property remains high. If you are interested in investing in a commercial property in London, callStrawberry Star officesin London.