The latest draft guidelines announced by London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan on estate regeneration in the capital is a revolutionary step because it aims for an inclusive approach by empowering local people and protecting their interests. According to the guidelines, which will be debated extensively, local residents will have a significant role in firming up proposals by housing associations and boroughs for estate regeneration.

The guidelines effectively recommend full rights for tenants to be rehoused on new regeneration estates apart from offering a fair deal to the leaseholders. It means social housing will be protected and demolition/rebuilding of estates should be undertaken only after exploring other avenues for regeneration.

The “Good Practice Guide” intends to reassure the people living in housing estates in London that the stakeholders of the city treat them respectfully and consider their opinions in any new estate regeneration scheme. It means the people living in the housing estates will also become stakeholders of the estate regeneration plans. Besides, their housing interests are also protected in the long-term.

This approach not only empowers the people living in London’s housing estates but also reflects the mayor’s concerns for them. By putting local people at the heart of the estate regeneration plans, the mayor has proven that his mandate is clearly protecting the basic rights of the citizens!