In another appreciative move, London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has speeded up the process of tackling homelessness in Europe’s financial capital by announcing a £50 million fund.

Recognising the fact that even a rich city like London is facing issues relating to homeless people, the Mayor said that the fund will deliver homes specifically to people needing to move on from hostels and refuges. At present, homeless people, including the young and women, are facing various challenges in finding a suitable accommodation after spending time being supported in hostels and refuges in London. The fund aims to ensure that these people do not end up in the category of the homeless.

Per the Mayor, the funding is available to housing providers as part of his £3.15bn Affordable Homes Programme, which was agreed with the Government in November’s Autumn Statement. The announcement comes at a right time, especially around the year end, when housing providers are planning for 2017.

In addition to this, the Mayor has set aside £9m annually in services for “rough sleepers” in London. Rough sleepers in London are exposed to various dangers, including harassment and physical abuse. Women are more vulnerable and to address the issue, the Mayor has allocated funding for a specialist service, the Female Hidden Homeless Project, operated by the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.

In all, these initiatives will go a long way in tackling homelessness in London. We can expect more such measures from the Mayor, who is showing tremendous resolve, to lift the quality of life in London.