With 2016 almost ending, the UK economy experienced various ups and downs in between owing to our exit from the European Union. Its impact was felt on the core sectors of the economy and the property market was no exception. However, the impact was restricted to a period, as by the year-end, the business bounced back and the property market continued to remain strong and resilient with deals continuing to grow.

We at Strawberry Star are optimistic about the UK property market in 2017, as the growth indicators provide a positive outlook. While the demand for quality housing continue to remain, the same or grow, an increase in rents across key markets is anticipated. This growth is driven by the widening gap of demand and supply of housing.

Though the government has announced several initiatives to boost housing, especially the affordable housing segment, the demand for quality homes will grow correspondingly. The UK and London need revolutionary housing plans or innovative business models if we must meet the housing targets in the next five years.

On the commercial property front, London continues to command attention with record investments flowing into the city this year. The fundamentals of the London property market are strong and with the city continuing to retain its tag as the financial capital of Europe, investing in a property in the city is still worth it.

If you are keen on knowing more about the prospects of the UK property market in 2017, connect with any our property experts by calling our London office. We will be more than happy to clarify your doubts and provide investment insights.