British expats living outside the UK are increasingly eyeing buy-to-let residential properties in Greater London and South East of England owing to higher returns and capital gains.

Data released by offshore banker Skipton International revealed that 40 per cent of British expats purchased residential homes in Greater London while another 25 per cent acquired properties in South East of England. Skipton International, which launched its buy-to-let mortgage range in 2014, attributed the increased interest among Brit expats to invest in the UK property market to the availability of more number of mortgage products.

The Brit expats acquiring properties in Greater London and South East of England see significant appreciation in the value of their assets apart from an increase in rental income. This buy-to-let property trend was not visible earlier among the Brit expats. However, of late, they have realised the investment potential from the UK property market from the long-term perspective.

In a survey by Skipton International earlier this year, 35% of the respondents cited long term investment as their main reason for investing in buy-to-let property in the UK. This was followed by pension planning (19%), a desire to remain invested in the UK property market (12%), and rental income (10%).

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