The Association of Residential Lettings Agents (ARLA) in the UK has confirmed that the government’s new measures to crack down on rogue landlords will come into force on April 6. As per the new rules, erring landlords will face penalties up to £30,000 for any deficiency in services or poor quality of rental homes.

“The new measures to be implemented under the Housing and Planning Act include powers to prosecute and impose significant fines or issue civil notices with penalties of up to £30,000. The new measures effectively mean that income raised from these penalties will be ring-fenced for further enforcement activity,” ARLA said in a statement.

The government proposed the measures last year following a reported dip in standards of rented homes, especially in the private sector. The rentals in London are amongst the highest in the world and the Department for Communities and Local Government (DLCG) found out that a few landlords were fleecing tenants while offering inadequate services.

Record rent rates meant that landlords were even converting their garages into rented accommodation. Though many of them were penalised in the past, the DLCG observed that it was not a deterrent to prevent the erring landlords in exploiting the situation. Now, the steep hike in penalties could streamline the private rented sector.