The number of new homes registered in the UK in the last three months (February-March-April) has increased annually by 9 per cent to reach 43,561, data released by National House Building Council (NHBC), shows.

As the leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes in the UK, NHBC's registration statistics, representing approximately 80 per cent of the new homes market, are a lead indicator of UK house-building activity.

In April, 12,712 new homes were registered with the private sector accounting for the bulk (9,446 new homes). According to NHBC, the strong start to this year’s new home registrations has continued with further encouraging figures across most the country.

“With demand for new homes remaining strong, this growth in both the private and affordable sectors, and across most regions of the UK, is reassuring,” NHBC said in its April report.

House-buyers continue to make acquisitions of new homes even as the gap between the demand and supply is widening across the UK. However, leading developers are making serious attempts this gap through innovative housing schemes.

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