The residential rents across the UK have gone up by 5.75 per cent annually, reported premier global property news service Property Wire, which collated data from different letting agents.

The average rent of a house in the UK is now £770. The rising rent can be attributed to the lack of availability of houses to buy in the market. Consequently, this is pushing many home-buyers to move into rental homes until such time they have saved adequate deposits for their house.

The price inflation in the property market is also prompting several prospective buyers to opt for rental home instead of buying a new home. The rents in London particularly have been climbing the fastest in the UK, as the city continues to attract people from all over the world.

Besides, investors continue to buy residential properties in London where the rental income is high. As a result, the number of houses available to rent is not growing in proportion to the demand. The rental market continues to remain under pressure.

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