The UK investor sentiment has reached the highest level since April 2016, an indication that the market remains stable with people showing faith in the core sectors of the economy. It stands at a record 6.66 per cent, an increase of 6.23 per cent on last year and 2.42 per cent higher than last month, according to Lloyds Bank.

Asset class performance is also up on last month with nine out of 11 asset classes, including the property market, in the same or in a stronger position. Gold saw the highest rise with Investor confidence in the metal rising from 38.61 per cent to 47.54 per cent. The UK property market remains stable at 27 per cent increase in sentiments.

The actual performance of asset classes portrays a more positive picture than last month with nine out of 11 asset classes in the same or a better position than they were 30 days ago. The UK property, which is up 4.6 per cent, and emerging market equities, up 3.7 per cent, are the best performers.

This is a clear indication of the faith shown by investors in the UK property market, as its strong fundamentals promise assured returns in the long-term.