“Connection” continues to remain the crucial factor for house buyers in the UK, according to a latest research study by “GoCompare Home Insurance” with 66 per cent of them preferring for a house in a “good neighbourhood”.

Apart from a good neighbourhood, the house-buyers surveyed listed “area with low crime rate”, “good proximity to local shops”, “near a good GP or dentist surgery” among other factors that will help them zero in on a residential property.

For long, potential house-buyers considered all these factors to select their dream homes. It is interesting to note that the factors have not changed. But a few house-buyers also listed “good access to recreational facilities” and “good pubs” as preferences, indicating the changing choices of younger house-buyers.

It is a fact that house-buyers prefer residential properties, which are close to all kinds of amenities and facilities, as it makes their daily routine easy.

Strawberry Star has several such properties, including Sky Gardens in Nine Elms / Vauxhall and Hoola in Royal Docks, in London. Both prestigious developments are part of neighbourhoods that offer the best of amenities and connections to the city centre.

If you are keen on viewing the apartments in these developments, call our property experts at the London office for an appointment.