Good amenities and restaurants, including shops, off-road parking and attractive surroundings are among the top priorities of house-buyers in the UK, according to a latest report released by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Quoting a research report prepared by leading housebuilder Miller Homes, RICS said, “Over 60% of potential buyers rated good amenities and off-road parking as the main features they look for. The study also revealed that clean and attractive surroundings and access to transport are still high on a house hunter’s wish list, as are traditional requirements of living close to schools with a good reputation and being near to family and friends.”

These findings offer a good insight into the mindset of house buyers in the UK. As the demand for quality homes continues to rise despite poor supply, these findings are crucial for any developer for schemes which lay emphasis on aspirations and preferences of house-buyers.

The top 10 factors that house buyers look for in a new neighbourhood are: Good amenities; Off-road parking; Clean and attractive surroundings; Low crime rate; Access to transport links; Proximity to work; Good schools; Close to friends and family; Average house prices and Rural aspect.

“What this study shows us is that by working hard to establish neighbourhoods that are well looked after, set in attractive surroundings and within easy access of good local amenities, we can ensure we’re doing what we can to cater for the needs of the modern house hunter,” RICS observed.