Majority of the landlords in the UK are optimistic about returns from investments in buy-to-let residential assets, Property Wire, a premier global property news service, has said in its news report.

“Some 59% of landlords surveyed are still confident in renting out property as a source of income, with only 11% having lost confidence and 30% being unsure,” Property Wire said quoting a survey conducted by investment consultancy firm Knight Knox.

About 44 per cent of the landlords have been letting out their properties since the last five years and are showing strong appetite for more investments.

According to the survey, half of the survey respondents (landlords) expressed their intention to acquire another buy-to-let (BTL) property over the next five years in the UK despite changes to the tax and stamp duty. This promises a robust growth in the BTL sector unless there are some negative interventions.

As per reliable data, there are close to 6 million properties in the private rented sector in the UK. It is equivalent to about a quarter of the total homes in the UK. By 2025, the number of homes under private rented sector is expected to touch 7.2 million.

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