The investment sentiment in the UK has rebounded in August 2017 to reach 4.92 per cent, according to Lloyds Bank Investor Sentiment Index. The monthly index gives insights into the mindset of investors, especially those exploring asset classes for investments.

The property sector continues to remain in the positive territory with the investor sentiment being 13.33 per cent despite a debate about whether a market correction could be on the horizon. This indicates that the UK property has held on to its position strongly as an asset class, which deliver sustained returns over the long-term.

The year 2017 has already witnessed record level of investments in the property sector, especially from international investors. More investments can be expected in the property sector with investors posing faith in view of healthy returns.

However, month-on-month, gold continues to outshine the other classes attracting the highest sentiment of 40.95 per cent in August.

Investors are also bullish about emerging markets as it coincides with the news that the asset class has outpaced developed market growth. Positive sentiment towards emerging markets equities reached 21.05 per cent in August, a 5.1 per cent increase on the previous month and 5.13 per cent on this time last year.

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