In a sign that shows build-to-rent sector is an attractive investment option, there are now 95,918 homes complete, under construction or in planning across the UK.

Compared to 69,824 in the first quarter of 2017, this represents an increase of 37.4 per cent in the number of new high-quality, professionally-managed rented homes across the UK, according to research published today by the British Property Federation (BPF).

At a time when both central government and the Mayor of London are focused on fixing the UK’s broken housing market, the BPF’s data demonstrates the Build-to-Rent sector’s capacity to add to housing supply at speed.

When looking exclusively at the number of Build-to-Rent homes under construction and in planning, the rate of growth is even stronger. This number has risen from 56,547 to 78,917, representing a 39.6 per cent jump.

With 54,978 homes complete, under construction and in planning, London still benefits from the highest volume of Build-to-Rent. The regions, however, are making more progress in greenlighting development with 12,316 Build-to-Rent homes currently under construction – compared to 11,696 in London.

The size of Build-to-Rent developments also continues to experience significant growth, with 34 developments currently in the pipeline set to provide over 500 new rented homes each – compared to 24 developments in Q1.