The number of new homes registered during the last three months in the UK has reached a new high, according to statistics released by the NHBC.

As the leading warranty insurance provider for new homes in the UK, NHBC's registration statistics are a lead indicator of the UK's new homes market. The pace of the registration demonstrates the stability of the UK housing sector.

“Builders registered nearly 38,000 new homes in the UK during Q3 2017, according to NHBC's latest new home registration statistics, the highest Q3 total since the recession. In the period July - September 37,936 new homes were registered, representing a 6% increase on the 35,946 registered in the same period last year,” NHBC said in its October report.

The private sector saw a 9 per cent increase for the quarter (Q3 2017: 29,083 vs Q3 2016: 26,611), with 8,853 new homes registered in the affordable sector, a 5 per cent decrease on Q3 2016 (9,335).

Seven out of the 12 UK regions experienced growth in registrations, when compared to the same period last year. Scotland (3,056 +50 per cent), East Midlands (3,575 +42 per cent) and the North East (2,078 +34 per cent) were among the regions with most notable growth.