Residential property market analyst firm Hometrack has predicted 5 per cent increase in prices of houses in the UK cities in 2018.

A year ago, Hometrack had predicted that UK city house price growth would be 4 per cent as a continued recovery in regional city house prices would offset very low nominal growth in London.

“We expect 2018 to follow a similar pattern. As we highlighted last month, there is 20-25% of additional upside in house prices in regional cities were price to earnings levels to move above their 15-year average. That is before any additional allowance for the impact of lower mortgage rates. With the clouds of uncertainty around Brexit lifting very slightly we expect regional cities to continue to deliver above average house price growth in 2018,” Hometrack said in its November 2017 UK Cities House Price Index.

London, however, is likely to skip the trend – Hometrack expects the rate of house price inflation to remain in low single digits over the course of 2018 in London.

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