Home-buyers, who constitute the ‘last-time buyer’ category (those aged above 55 years), are increasingly opting for new builds in the UK, as new homes are easier to manage on account of lower maintenance and running costs.

In a survey conducted by NHBC in 2017, of more than 100,000 new-build homeowners, 20 per cent were aged over 55; almost certainly attracted by the prospect of enjoying facilities of a new home. There are an estimated 450,000 moves made each year by those aged over 50 and there is an increasing preference among them for new build homes.

According to NHBC, some of the factors motivating the last-time buyers to opt for new builds are: personalisation of homes; lower utility bills (energy efficient homes); 80 per cent of new homes come with NHBC Buildmark warranty and insurance policy and increased safety and security.

In fact, there are several other advantages also that the new builds offer these days – such as communal space, top class amenities and quality specifications – which are increasingly attracting home-buyers. Research from the NHBC Foundation and Zero Carbon Hub revealed that new-build homes built to 2013 standards could save up to £1,400 a year on energy bills when compared to older homes.