London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s vision to transform the UK capital into ‘Greenest City’ will benefit the housing sector in the long-term. The city is already among the world’s top real estate hubs because of its high quality of life, standards, amenities and facilities, and with the Mayor announcing a new strategy to clean up London’s toxic air, the capital’s profile will be enhanced further.

The Mayor last week outlined his ambitious vision for London’s environment in 2050, presenting his strategy to the London Assembly. It includes plans for making the city a greener, cleaner and healthier place by targeting London’s toxic air, increasing its green cover and making London a zero-carbon city by 2050 with energy efficient buildings, clean transport and energy and increasing recycling.

These initiatives will boost London's green spaces, clean up its air, and help safeguard the health and well-being of all Londoners. In addition, the plan is to increase London’s current solar capacity by 20 times, by having 1GW of solar installed in the capital by 2030 and 2GW by 2050 - providing more clean energy.

London is frequented by tourists, international travellers and the business community, and the Mayor’s initiatives further boost the city’s reputation globally. More investors are increasingly look at taking advantage of these developments and this will have cascading impact on the housing sector. The demand for homes will further increase, as more number of people aspire to live in London.