The number of new homes registered to be built in the UK in April 2018 was 11,216, indicating stability in the housing sector, according to latest data revealed by NHBC.

While 7,634 new homes were registered in the private sector in April (as against 9,350 in April 2017), 3,582 homes were registered in the affordable sector (as against 3,298 in April 2017). The corresponding period last year (April 2017) saw higher new homes registrations at 12,648. However, new home registrations in April 2018 are in line with the volumes seen in the first quarter of the current year, despite facing many challenges, NHBC said.

Registrations refer to the process of a builder registering a new plot/home to be built in the coming months or weeks, to be covered by NHBC’s ten-year Buildmark warranty. As the leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes in the UK, NHBC's registration statistics are a lead indicator of the UK’s new homes market.

Between February and April 2018, as many as 36,164 new homes were registered compared to 43,459 during the corresponding period in 2017. During this period, there were 27,073 new homes registered in the private sector, compared to 31,677 in 2017; 9,091 new homes registered in the affordable sector, compared to 11,782 in 2017.

London witnessed a healthy growth in the number of homes registered to be built at 3,461 between February and April 2018.