If you own a home near a supermarket in the UK, then you can be assured of a higher appreciation in the house price, according to a latest research report from Lloyds Bank.

The research found out that the presence of a local supermarket can push up a residential property’s value by £21,500 compared to homes in nearby areas without a supermarket chain. The report also revealed that having a premium brand on the doorstep means buyers typically need to pay top prices!

In fact, homes in areas with a Waitrose, Marks & Spencer or Sainsbury’s are most likely to command a higher house price premium when compared to the wider town average. Homes within easy reach of all three supermarket chains are trading at an average premium of 12 per cent in the UK.

This finding clearly establishes that a home closer to a supermarket is a clever investment option for any house-buyer. Sky Gardens by Strawberry Star is a breath-taking statement of contemporary urban living in Vauxhall/Nine Elms, London. With a Sainsbury’s store located closer to Sky Gardens, the apartments are set to see higher growth in capital values.

If you are interested in investing in an apartment in Sky Gardens or any other home closer to the Vauxhall/Nine Elms Sainsbury’s, connect with our experienced property professionals at the London office for more information.