Inner London areas are reporting better annual rental yields compared to other postcodes, according to the latest Buy-to-Let (BTL) Index from LendInvest.

“The London markets are starting to make significant moves up the table as yields improve, and property values begin to increase,” the BTL report for July 2018 observed.

The postcode making the greatest gains is South East London, making an impressive leap up the table from No 92 in June 2017 to No 33 in this quarter’s Index. West London has jumped from No 104 in June 2017 to No 59 in this quarter’s Index, North West London is in hot pursuit (No 103 in June 2017 to No 73 June 2018) and North London has started its crawl up the table, (No 88 in June 2017 to No 77 in June 2018).

Some of the top 10 BTL postcodes in the UK include Sunderland with rental yield of 5.29 per cent; Blackburn (4.69 per cent); Durham (4.41 per cent); Cleveland (4.23 per cent); Lancaster (3.79 per cent); Crewe (3.61 per cent); Twickenham (3.38 per cent); East Central London (2.86 per cent); South West London (2.89 per cent) and West Central London (2.61 per cent).

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