The Private Rented Sector (PRS) in England continues to remain profitable for landlords with rents projected to grow further. A latest report from Allsop revealed that 85 per cent of the PRS landlords in England is making a profit from their lettings activity.

In fact, the profit growth has been stable for the landlords over the last 12 months owing to the strong fundamentals of the lettings market. About 24 per cent of the landlords anticipate rental growth over the next six months owing to a strong demand. Another 41 per cent of landlords rate the immediate outlook as good or very good for their portfolio

These findings complement the statistics from the latest English Housing Survey, which says that the PRS is growing in prominence. There has been a substantial increase in the proportion of renters in the last 10 years. This makes PRS an attractive investment for landlords, who intend to expand their rental portfolio in the coming years.

These findings are part of the BRS Barometer – Rent Check – a collaboration of expertise from BDRC the UK’s leading PRS/BTL insight consultancy - and Allsop LLP - one of the leading property consultancy firms and advisors on the residential property market.

The Rent Check is a unique measure of the rents being agreed by landlords for PRS across England and Wales. This research tracks the experience of a large sample of members of the National Landlord Association (NLA).