London, one of the top property markets in the world, is set to become greener, thereby contributing to improvement in the UK capital’s air quality in the long-term.

More than 40,000 new trees are on their way to parks, playgrounds, estates, schools and community spaces across London as part of the Mayor’s ambition to make the London a National Park City. Projects in 21 London boroughs are being funded by the Community Tree Planting Grants as part of the Mayor’s Greener City Fund.

To help increase London’s tree canopy, Mayor Sadiq Khan launched a £1.5million woodland fund for boroughs, charities, and public sector landowners to create a new large-scale woodland for all Londoners and visitors to the capital to enjoy.

“The Mayor is committed to protecting and improving the green belt and increasing the current proportion of London’s land area under tree canopy by 10 per cent by 2050,” the Mayor’s office said in an announcement.

These initiatives will impact the London property market positively, as the city is among the most sought-after locations for investors and home-buyers. The city offers a high quality of life, job opportunities, educational institutions, security and excellent transport infrastructure. It also scores high on basic facilities and amenities and people yearn for such an ideal condition. With London’s green cover now set to increase further owing to the Mayor’s initiatives, the City's profile will naturally rise globally.