The UK saw a net addition of 214,000 new homes between March 2017 and March 2018, according to a latest analysis by the NHBC Foundation.

These new homes do not include conversions and changes of use of any existing property. It is estimated that 183,570 new homes were built in England, 17,230 in Scotland, 6,830 in Wales and 6,470 in Northern Ireland.

The NHBC Foundation is the research arm of the NHBC, UK's leading standard-setting body and provider of warranty and insurance for new homes. The data provided by the NHBC Foundation reveals interesting statistics and provides a comprehensive of the house building activity.

Incidentally, the total number of new homes built in 2017-18 is below the post-war annual average of about 250,000, but above the average of about 200,000 from 1980 to the collapse in house building in 2007.

The highest recorded number of homes built in the UK was 425,830 in 1968, which also saw the post-war peak for private sector UK completions at 226,070. The highest number of homes built annually for the private sector across the UK was 295,000 in the year to March 1935.

Estimates by the Office for National Statistics suggest that £38.4 billion was invested in creating new homes in 2017.